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Increase your efficiency with the MultiViewer at your workplace

The MultiViewer simultaneously displays the video signals from four digital or analog computer or video sources on one screen. If more than four video signals are to be displayed simultaneously on one screen, several MultiViewer can be cascaded.

Each video signal can be displayed in any size and position on the screen. Powerful real-time signal processing reproduces the images in excellent quality.

Increase your efficiency through simplified overview and comparison of data, centralized operation, flexible views and monetary savings.

The most important data at a glance

Our product highlights

  • Real-time signal processing
  • Video signal inputs analog and / or digital
  • flexible presentation and operation
  • Operating system independent
  • High Quality Audio 7.1
  • HDCP support

Product images

Fast overview thanks to flexible layout modes

Various screen modes allow you to adapt the display to your needs. In all modes you are able to edit the sources in the active window.



In full screen mode a switchable single source is displayed.

PiP Modus

Picture in Picture

If the “PIP” function (“Picture in Picture”) is activated, the three other video sources can be displayed on the right side of the frame as thumbnails and are therefore monitored simultaneously. The size, position and selection of these thumbnails can be freely chosen.



In “Win-mode” all audio sources can be independently positioned as desired like screen windows. The sources (windows) may overlap and can be transparent. The scaling and positioning can be done using a mouse or more comfortably by touch screen. Four presets for custom window configurations enable a quick access. These may be recalled for example via the front keys or the keyboard hotkeys.



In Quad-mode, the screen is divided into four equal parts. Each of these screen areas show the entire screen content of a video source or computer.

  • Four video sources on one screen
  • It is possible to have more than four sources on one screen by cascading multiple MultiViewer
  • Smooth visualisation at full refresh rate

Intuitive usability through integrated KVM switch

Thanks to the integrated KVM switch, you can operate the source in the active window via all input devices connected to the MultiViewer. Just use the controls that are most intuitive for you:

  • via touchscreen
  • by mouse
  • by keyboard through definable hotkeys
  • with the keys at the front of the device
  • through external device configuration program or through serial control devices via DCP-XML protocol

Digital and analog video and audio transmission

Whether analog or digital, the HETEC MultiViewer has the right port for every source.

The MultiViewer in different branches

Whether quality control in industry, process control in logistics, or information bundling in the media industry – the HETEC MultiViewer can be used in many industries and meets the most diverse requirements.

Learn how the MultiViewer has been used successfully in your industry:



  • Quality Control: V-Switch quad XP in Dual / Quad mode to compare actual with target performance
  • Additional cameras on a display, e.g. to view a production process from different perspectives
  • Keyboard / mouse control of computers and cameras (e.g. zoom, input of control parameters)
  • Alarm-triggered display


  • Better visibility and control through simultaneous displaying
  • Simple selection of the appropriate view / perspective
  • External view control in emergency cases

Dedicated systems are responsible for monitoring industrial processes. Our multiviewer merges the outputs of these systems with imaging systems , such as cameras, thus providing a clear display thereof. The operation of the connected computers and cameras through keyboard shortcuts, front keys or mouse movement is enabled by the integrated KVM switch function. If touch screens are used, the operation becomes especially convenient and intuitive.

The external view control in emergency cases (e.g. large-screen version of camera or window in the foreground) can be realized in two ways:

  • Active channel on audio signal
  • Integrated RS-232 interface via DCP-XML protocol



  • Simultaneous display of playlists, traffic information, contact lists and the program sequence on the radio host’s monitor


  • The number of input devices, such as keyboard/mouse, and monitors can be reduced – work stations become more clearly structured
  • Prioritization of suitable presentation forms, achieving a more targeted and faster response

In modern studios radio hosts are presented with information from different systems during their airtime, such as playlists, traffic updates, telephone contacts and program sequences. Our multiviewer combines these sources and displays them on one monitor. The flexibility of the presentation forms is highly valued; full-screen display or multiple displays, such as split-screen, Picture in Picture, or flexible WIN mode, are possible and can be easily switched. The host can display the current program in full-screen while simultaneously observing the current traffic report or internal communications. Any changes, such as new traffic information, can immediately be switched to the respective full view and for example be used for a traffic announcement. In accordance with the priority of the information, the host can select the appropriate display option.



  • Parallel display of current service and statistics
  • Intuitive options to intervene in running processes
  • Touch control of computers (e.g. input of search parameters), usability in industrial environments


  • Visibility and control through displaying the available resources (such as delivery vehicles,and capacity )
  • Current utilization and capacity statistics at a glance
  • Direct intervention into processes through the input of parameters via touch monitors

The optimal combination of sub-processes to provide economical and timely services for their customers presents a major challenge for logistics companies. Many of these sub-processes are automated and only the interfaces are monitored. One of our customers who is one of the largest logistics service providers worldwide required the development of a method of controlled reintegration of misrouted information or rather aligning and changing priorities. A large number of logistics hubs were fitted with multiviewers and touchscreens to ensure a particularly user-friendly and comfortable operation.



  • The concept of “Integrated Operations” includes the transmission of signals from multiple medical imaging systems both to work stations as well as directly into the operating room
  • Potential-free transmission
  • Simple operation via touch monitor


  • Multiviewer V-Switch quad XP in combination with our KVM extenders V-Trans Flex / Compact for fiber optics

Various imaging systems are used in medicine to assist doctors during operations. However through inhomogeneous representations clarity is easily lost. Our multiviewer collects the information from different systems and comprehensively, as well as situation-appropriately presents them on an information monitor. One can easily control the different notifications though a clinically approved monitor. The signals (high-resolution video and control signals) are transmitted potential free through fiber optics.


Use in mobile control units in emergency services and military:


  • Manage various information and control systems centrally
  • Approved for installations in mobile control systems
  • Simple operating concept to minimize incorrect operation
  • Proven, highly reliable technology


  • Space savings and clear control
  • Better overview through simultaneous displays
  • Reliable operation

Keeping track of the situation when many parallel information and instructions are exchanged is essential for mobile control units in the event of disasters, alerts, and temporary practice and deployment cases.

Due to the limited space requirements, the use of the Multiviewer and KVM switch with just one operating set is the ideal solution to minimize operating errors even in critical situations.

Our multiviewers are used in control stations on ships (V-Swich quad XP is certified according to the marine standard EN 50945) and command centers in mobile mission vehicles.



  • Various information sources and applications on different systems (HW /operating software)
  • Clear presentation


  • Both V-Switch quad II and V-Switch quad XP combine various systems in one processing and viewing environment
  • Clear presentation of the individual process steps and parameters
  • External view control in emergency cases

Results from sub-processes in research are often compared with varied parameters, optimized, documented and reproduced . A unified, user-friendly control of different systems is crucial for our customers. Our multiviewers / KVM- switches provide a clear view of the systems at the user’s work station, facilitating a quick response in case of necessary interventions. The external view control of individual subsystems for emergency cases is realized via the serial interface (DCP-XML protocol).



  • Various information sources and applications on different systems (HW/operating software)
  • Limited space
  • Standardized operation


  • both V-Switch quad II and V-Switch quad XP combine various systems on one work station
  • Uniform operating environment (one mouse / keyboard / touch)
  • Space-saving, since up to 4 sources can be summarized on one monitor

The more current background information is available, the better-founded decisions can be made – that’s how one could describe the workplace of a trader. Our V-Switch quad XP provides a clear advantage: From the user’s point of view different applications and systems are uniformly displayed at the work station. This is crucial for the short-term reactions to latest information, allowing the trader to fully concentrate on his main activities. To keep track by having an overview of any information sources – our V-Switch quad XP allows the simultaneous display of up to 4 sources on one monitor. Thanks to the flexible choice of the viewing option with the V-Switch quad XP the customer can personalize his desktop.

Technical Data


quad XP

quad II +


max. resolution 1920x1200 @60Hzdonedone
Deep Color 30Bit processingdonedone
HDMI / DVI /VGA In/Outdonedone
Optimal for PC contentsdonedone
EDID Managementdonedone
4-way USB2.0 Matrixdonedone
Touch screen support donedone
Multi-Touch supportdonedone
XML Controldonedone
Full Screen Modedonedone
Quad Modedonedone
PiP Modedonedone
Free Win Modedoneclose
Optimal for movies (Realtime)doneclose
HDCP supportdoneclose
Output image rotationdoneclose
Audio support 7.1doneclose
Cross channel switchingdoneclose
Presentation Modedoneclose
Switch channel on new audio doneclose


quad XP

quad II +

Use Cases

PC Administrationdonedone
Digital Signage (no movies)donedone
Meeting Room done(done)
Control Room Applicationsdonedone
Digital Signage (with movies) doneclose
Multimedia Applicationsdoneclose

Product images

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